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In addition to being Hurricane Proof, all ECO Homes are equipped with a State of the Art Solar System. This technology solution allows homeowners to save thousands of dollars every year by reducing their electric cost to ZERO! In our commitment to efficiency, we help reduce the need for energy by increasing efficiency to its maximun levels.


Energy Efficiency


Health and Safety


Everything starts with a proper designing and engineering and then the home is constructed based on the developed detailed blueprint. The whole process requires a serious commitment and constant attention to detail. A Healthy Home is one that has been designed, engineered and constructed in a manner that supports the health of its residents. It is one that nurtures body, mind and spirit. Natural, eco-friendly building materials are used and are free of harmful synthetic chemicals. It is a house that is healthy for its occupants as well as for the global environment. Protecting you and your family from accidents and natural disasters is important to us. Properly engineered and constructed homes are less vulnerable to severe wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other disasters. Our home designs emphasize the safety of our homes to better protect your family from these disasters.

Current Projects


Orange City

Orange City’s residents are fortunate to have some of the safest and most affordable neighborhoods. From the 2,600 acre Blue Spring State Park to the amazing Family Fun Town, Orange City offers residents and visitors a wide variety of recreational opportunities. These include Halloween Block Party, Christmas Parade and Fireworks, Fun and Fanfare!



Deltona's on “The I-4 Corridor,” Central Florida's most important thoroughfare, stretching from Daytona to Tampa. Deltona is a city with the largest population outside of the city of Orlando with the Orlando Metropolitan statistical area. That being said, it is also a largely suburb type community with many new retail centers opening up yearly, making it a good place to start raising a family.


Palm Bay

As the largest city in Brevard County, Palm Bay has much to offer, fostering a high quality of life for all ages. Whatever your lifestyle, Palm Bay has the perfect neighborhood for you. Palm Bay is a safe community, having the lowest crime rate in Brevard County and consistently ranked among the top five safest large cities in central Florida. Residents have access to top tier medical services at Palm Bay Community Hospital and nearby Holmes Regional Medical Center.



Poinciana is conveniently located in Central Florida, south of Orlando and south east of Disneyworld. Well known for its agricultural environment, Poinciana is also part of the Florida Wildlife Corridor. It sits in a critical central Florida location that plays a key role in Florida’s environmental ecosystem. If you enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking or biking, Poinciana doesn’t disappoint.


Ft. Myers Area

Located in Fort Myers Area, the cities of Ft Myers, Lehigh Acres, and Cape Coral are famous for its palm-tree lined streets. With their tropical flavor, attracts some tourists, and are home to several baseball spring-training camps. This area is also home to a large number of retirees. Although Fort Myers is better known, Cape Coral is actually the larger community. The area parks, butterfly gardens, and beaches appeal to residents who enjoy the outdoors. Boating and fishing tournaments also fill Fort Myers' calendar.

Why Choose Us?

No Electric Costs

Electric costs are going up every year. $200 in electric costs today is probably going to be $300 in not so distance future. That is the same as your home loan being $60,000 more. That cannot be an option.

Reduced Maintenance

A ZERO Energy Home is not just a “green home” or a home with solar panels. A zero energy home combines advanced design and superior building systems with energy efficiency and on-site solar panels to produce a better home.

Increased value of your home

It is a proven fact that high performance homes, and especially homes with solar technology, have a much higher resale value than the homes without this technology. Not only is the resale value higher, but the Net Zero Energy homes wil lalso sell faster than other homes in the market.

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